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Welcome to the Zukunftskolleg at the University of Konstanz!

Gerhart von Graevenitz

We mourn the loss of Gerhart von Graevenitz, who passed away on Good Friday, 2016.


He was a visionary, who understood that the future of academia lies in the young generations. He saw that we need to create the right environment, we have to give freedom, and we must provide resources in order to gain insight, communication, fantasy and novelty for outstanding research. This project filled him with passion, and he ignited us all. Starting small and against fierce resistance he created the Zentrum für Wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs. This enterprise grew to what is now the Zukunftskolleg. Every step we take, walking the corridors of the Zukunftskolleg building, are steps he made possible. Every breath we take, we inhale his spirit, his confidence, his optimism - his joy to live and to do research, his energy to think and to talk about it, his force to move things and to create a better University.


Gerhart, we miss you, and we know: you are still here, with us.